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Easy Setup

Plug the batteries in and wait for the green light. Set it up anywhere and its ready to go. (Ok, almost anywhere. Snow not included).

Custom Communication Protocol

The Thwack Timing Gate utilizes a specially designed, lightweight communication protocol to communicate between the start and finish line. This reduces overhead and ensures your results are as accurate as possible

Latency Correction

Of course, nothing can be entirely without delay, but we’re aware of our imperfections. The Thwack Timing Gate periodically calculates the latency caused by wireless transmission and corrects for the delay when logging times.

Mobile App

We’ve got an old fashioned 7 segment display at the finish line to see your time right after your run, but mobile apps are all the rage nowadays so we made one too! Take your phone out and connect to the finish line like its a Wi-Fi network. Then open the app and refresh. Bam! Sortable times for you and every other racer.

Open Source

Don’t like Something? Change It!

Maybe a design choice we made isn’t to your liking. Well, why not change it yourself? Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally.