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The Thwack Timing Gate mobile app allows the retrieval and sorting of data, as well as configuration of the timing gate itself. Below are a few key features, which can be seen in action in the above video.


Card Based Results

Results are neatly categorized into easily readable cards in a modern looking interface.

Sort Your Results

A convenient floating action button allows sorting of cards by racer, by start time, and by run duration.

See One Racer’s Results

Feeling a little narcissistic? Care about your results and no one elses? Just tab the button on one of your cards and everyone elses results will be swept away so you can bask in your own success.

Settings Tab

An easily accessible settings tab allows configuration of the Thwack Timing Gate for the inevitable occasion when everything doesn’t go quite right.

Id to Name Conversion Table

The start line features a keypad for racers to punch in their IDs. Use this interface to edit the table that converts these IDs to actual racer names.