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The finish line is the main brains of the timing gate. It times racers as they go down the course and holds the database of results. Users can connect to the web server the finish line hosts to retrieve these results.

The design of the finish lines is not complete yet. Specifically, we are still researching powerful infra-red LEDs to use for a finish line break-beam sensor. Below is a partial list of materials.

  1. Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
  2. 2.4 Ghz Xbee with compatible RPSMA Antenna
  3. 1.2” 7 Segment Display

This Xbee works over 4000 feet with line of sight. If you need less distance, others can be substituted to save on cost. Just make sure you find a compatible antenna!

A Note Regarding Power Supplies: We have refrained from listing a power supply in the bill of materials, as we have found different solutions work well for different scenarios. Beyond simply wiring up a 9 volt battery or multiple AA batteries in parallel, we have also had success using USB battery banks that are widely available for charging cell phones. You simple need to take a USB cable and cut it open to expose the positive and ground wires, then plug these into the power terminals of the Raspberry Pi.